Monday, December 21, 2009

Earn a million dollars with your blog

Read This Story And You Know How to Make a Million Dollars form your home.

Can’t be done? Yes You Can! How?

Here are a few unbelievable but true stories from ordinary guys (where are the women?) who are making a million dollars with their blog. These success stories on the internet prove that you don’t need to be a whizzkidd to succeed. And once you’ve made your million: go on holiday to sunny destinations and you don’t need to worry about money at all.

This Can Be Your Yacht

Here’s the first lucky guy. Blog: Boingboing Frank Frauenfelder is the man behind Boinboing and can add a million dollars a year with simply writing everyday about the things he loves. That is computer, science fiction, software and comic books. (And about his mother, no sorry, joke). He receives more than 2.6 unique visitors per month and 22 million page views. He’s hired 4 pro writers to write about 20 posts a day so in the mean time he can go to the beach and sail in his speed boat. Well, I would do that. Pack my bags and go on holiday while the money is rolling into your bank account. Your Yacht is Waiting for you.

But first please read the follwoing unbelievable story about another guy (no, not you) who made a million on the internet. Shoemoney. Never heard of that name? Me either. But he’s laughing all the way to the bank, making $20,000 a month by writing about, well , making money online. That sounds familiar to me. A lot of these bloggers making tons of money by pointing out to other bloggers how to make tons of money. Anyway, he certainly knows how to do this and has about 20,000 unique visitors per day. Money comes from Adsense and Self Products how to be successful. But can he give you advise about a great hairdresser? I don’t think so. Okay, he’s not making a million dollars a year, but the following guy is…. Recognise this guy? One tip: he is not a famous hairdresser

Talking about a hairdresser gone mad: the owner of this blog has become almost a celebrity himself. His real name is Mario Lavandeira and began blogging about famous people in 2004. His hard work paid off quit well with a monthly income of $ 110,000 and a year income of more than 1,3 million dollars. With that kind of income you don’t need a bank, you’re the bank your self. But in stead of buying a sailboat and going off to a tropic island he keeps on working on his blog at a daily base. Income source is from advertisement: a banner ad will gonna cost you $13,000 That isn’t much, is it?

Sunny Island: something for you? If I would be Paris and make that kind of money with a blog I would go off to a fantastic holiday destination


This blogger began in 2003 and writes about all kinds of subjects that relates to the great city of New York. I think if you live there you don’t need to go on holiday if you would believe his blog. Makes about $600,000 a year Okay, it’s not a million a year, but he’s on his way in getting to that status.
Making money with blogging: total freedom! Of course a great sailboat would help.

Here’s another blogger who makes more than a million a year just by sitting behind his notebook or computer and writing stuff he likes to write about. With 4 million page views each and every month he makes almost 2 million dollars a year. If he wants to have loan from his bank he can get it right away, but I don’t think he needs a loan. Simply write a post on his blog Mashable and he has it immediately on his bank account.


Darren Rowse is another guy who makes money online by advising people how to make money online. But he disappoints me a bit with a meager $100,000 a year. I won’t quit my daily job at Mc Donalds for that! Come on, Darren, next year you can too sell your house and sail the oceans in your private yacht. Okay, that’s my dream, because that’s what’s so great about making money on the internet: you can write your money making stuff everywhere in the world! While the Pacific Ocean is tickling at your toes you can write your blog, upload it and another cheque is in the post. Let’s face it: your life can be a holiday experience 360 days a year. No really, internet can make your dream come true. Just take a look at these guys. They don’t have anything special about them, except that most of them look tired but the advantages are great: lots of money and easy work which can be done anywhere in the world, you only need a computer or notebook and a internet connection. They have that even on the remotest sunny islands! And you are your own boss, making money from your own home. Or hotel. Or yacht! And what’s great about having your own successful blog on the net is you can work on it everywhere in the world.

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