Sunday, December 20, 2009

Taliban Pictures Afghanistan Real Life Pictures

In Afghanistan public sector corruption has got worse over the past two years . According to Transparency International, Afghan corruption is now seen to be more rampant than in any country apart from Somalia Pravda. Releasing its annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) on Tuesday, the watchdog said Afghanistan had sunk for the second straight year in its ranking of 180 nations based on perceived levels of corruption in the public sector.Exactly what is NATO doing in Afghanistan? And exactly what are the NATO countries doing in Iraq? How come both Afghanistan and Iraq are right at the bottom of the list as far as corruption goes, if NATO is running the show? And if NATO is not running the show, then how do its member states justify the billions of dollars, nay trillions, that have been spent in these two wars? Why is NATO paying the Taliban not to attack its convoys? And why are the taxpayers in NATO countries seeing their money going to the Taliban so as not to attack NATO troops?

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