Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Look at the Real America - Hillbilly Style

Yo dude, can we barter for the Possum? Haven’t eaten that in a while.

Once again, it’s time to take you guys through what I call “The Real America.” Bear in mind the individuals that I or even you tend to make fun of are the same people that founded this country.

So be respectful and even proud that there are still many patriots out there toting guns around and turning normal sized cars into miniature versions of Monster Trucks.

Pay your respects. This guy is a distant relative of Richard Pryor. He kind of reminds me of Michael Rappaports character Remi in Higher Learning.
For 5 bucks all of you can take a turn. Even cousins!
You know what’s scary? I don’t even think the people who made that sign intended for it to be funny at all.
That seems about right.
Nothin’ like shootin’ burgers on a Sunday Afternoon.

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