Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Look at the Real America - Tractor Bear and Dove Season

“Bill? What time you coming over to watch the mules do it bud?”

Stemming off of my NASCAR trip I’ve decided to put together a little series called “A Look at the Real America.”

While I or you may not be exposed to this world too often, these people make up the majority of our country and I’m proud to share them (and make appropriate commentary)

Pics after the jump
“Just babysitting my cat for the night.”
“Y’all come back now ya hear? It’s quail huntin’ time. But you can’t eat any.”
I have no caption here. This is more than enough for you to sit around and think about all day.
“Best target practice is in the shitter, plus I’m gay.”
In all honesty this picture isn’t even remotely funny.

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